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Elaka Falls, West Virginia

By ForestWander - ForestWander Nature Photography, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4683011

Folks sometimes ask me what process I go through in my work, either of being a psychic or writing books. My response to this could most accurately be described as follows…

For me, the processes are similar, but not identical, in that one is a journey into the Imaginary and the other is very much focused on Reality. An author and mystic whom I greatly admire, C.S. Lewis, describes the process in his book “The Magician’s Nephew”. He describes a Magickal Place, in a Forest filled with Mystical Pools, each pool leading to a different World. Some of these Worlds are Marvellous and even Heavenly, others are Terrible, Beyond Imagination in their Hellishness. Every pool is a Universe in itself, and within all of us, we have the capacity to explore as many or as few of these pools as we desire. Every one of us can explore these Realms within our own Mind’s Eye, through our Pineal Gland and through our own Imagination.

The Pineal Gland is a truly marvellous organ. It is internally lined with optic cells, (rods and cones), and its nerves are wired directly into the optic nerve. In response to low light levels, it produces melatonin, which induces sleep, and when we sleep, Magic Happens! The nerve complex that is wired into the Pineal Gland is electrically activated, and this current stimulates light production within the liquid that fills the Gland (Deuterium). The Rods and Cones that line the Gland’s interior interpret these flashes as objects, and the brain, in its REM state, decodes these objects as the subjects of our dreams.

The Pineal Gland is also active during daylight, and can be trained and stimulated to operate then as effectively as it would at night, although this is usually not desirable. In our Western Culture, we normally call folks with such active Pineal Glands “Schizophrenic”, and there are few of us who would actively seek to be tarred with that brush!

However, if we can stimulate the Pineal Gland to partially activate during waking hours, we will find ourselves in Lewis’ Forest, with pools of cool, clear water, here and there, each one of them containing a Universe, either real or imagined, or maybe somewhere between the two.

This is the Place that I mentally go to, when I’m doing a psychic reading, or when I’m writing a book. I have spent many years training myself to operate in this Realm, discerning Fact and Reality from Imagination and Fiction. It is a skill that can be nurtured and taught, and there are methods for training yourself in this Art. Some folks choose a path of Prayer and Meditation, and the study of ancient Sacred Texts. This has been my Path. Others choose to engage in Ceremony, the Ingestion of Psychoactive Substances, Hypnosis or other forms of Initiation. There is no right or wrong path, but if you ever choose to enter that Magickal Forest with its Crystal Clear Pools, you must not do so lightly. For there is Tremendous Power there, the Power of Imagination, and you must be careful how you wield it, because as it has the Power to Create a Marvellous World, so it has the Power to Destroy your Very Soul.

Thus did all the Ancient Sages teach, and they did not teach this for no reason! They taught that the Sacred Forest must be entered with respect, because Imagination is the very Engine of Creation and of Life Itself, and that everything that is, exists because someone, somewhere, and at some time, imagined that it could be. This is true, not only for all that is beautiful, but for all that is ugly, horrible and dreadful as well!

That is the Power of Imagination. I encourage you to Use it, and to Use it Well. Use it to imagine a World that you would want to live in, and that you would want to leave to your Children, a World full of Peace, and of Beauty, and the Knowledge of God, but also one where folks are ready to defend what they have, and will not allow themselves to be robbed or destroyed.

If you wish to Imagine a Magickal Landscapes full of Elves and Hobbits, make sure that you allow Gandalf, Legolas and the Ents to have their place there as well, for as surely as Night follows Day, there will come an Evil to afflict you, and your World, and unless you have Imagined yourself able to make a defence, you will, by no means, stand.

May the Living God the Creator, known of Ancient Times, Protect You Always,

Guineith Isaacs

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