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Most of you are aware by now that I am in the process of winding back my Facebook Page. This has been a very hard decision for me to make, but the reason why I did so was, here in Victoria, the folks who think they run the show have begun kidnapping people based on their Facebook Activity. As well as this, Facebook began blocking me to such an extent that it was impossible for me to post anything, even on my own page! Feel free to post this blog on your own Social Media Pages and Groups, it really helps me when you do that.

I am still On Air once a week with Vincent Finelli, on the USA Prepares Radio Show, and this week, we will be discussing the coming La Nina Weather Pattern, what it is (and isn’t!) and what it will mean for folks in both the U. S. and Australia. I will also be giving a MASSIVE HEADS UP to a MAJOR EVENT that is going to be occurring worldwide, between now and 2025, that WILL IMPACT ALL OF OUR LIVES!!!

Wanna know what it is?

Tune in to USA Prepares, at 9 AM CST, listen live or download the archive at www.gcnlive.com!

Down on the Farm…

I’m usually busy doing something or other on my farm, and this week has been no different.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother planting trees much beyond the Spring Equinox, which happened on the 21st of September, but this year, I’m going to make an exception to this rule. This is because we have a La Nina Event incoming, which means we’ll be getting lots and lots of lovely rain and not too much hot, dry weather!

The last time a La Nina event even threatened to develop was in 2016, and when it hit, we got over 4 inches of rain in one night! The dam in the valley filled on that night, the overflow began overflowing and continued overflowing for well over 6 months!

I’ve known that this event has been incoming for some months. NOAA announced it last August, but the Australian Bureau of Meteorology only just announced it yesterday (29th of September). About 2 weeks ago, I hired a local bulldozer and driver, and deepened the (presently dry) dam, down in the valley, and my son and I made a new overflow by hand, with a spade and pure muscle power!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, whether it fills and whether it holds water, or not, fingers crossed, and all that…  

But, back to the tree planting…

I’ve actually been planting trees all winter, mostly plum trees, but also a few others like figs, a lilly pilly, a pomegranate, etc. But last week, I did something I’d been wanting to do for a while. I called up my local nursery and ordered 10 apple trees, of various sorts! Well, what a surprise I got! I asked the nurseryman to just pick 10 out and the 10 he picked were quite special, including a couple of “Bonza”s some Irish Peaches (yes, they’re apples!) and even a Cox’s Orange Pippin! If you haven’t heard of most of these cultivars, I hadn’t hears of them either! Oh, and there was a Fuji in there as well, and some others that I can’t remember.

I’ve been busy planting them, but as well as this, a dear friend gave me a massive Paulownia root, cut into sections, and I have been gradually planting these root sections around the place as well. For those of you who don’t know what a Paulownia tree is, they are something quite amazing! They are a timber tree, and so don’t bear any edible fruit, but their timber is some of the finest wood that you will ever see! It is especially sought after for furniture making and in East Asia, as a Coffin Timber. They believe that if you are buried in a coffin made of Paulownia wood, that your soul will live forever, because the trees, once established, are almost impossible to kill! If you cut them down to a stump, they readily sucker, and for this reason, they make an excellent coppicing timber! The wood is white, straight and fine grained, and when properly pruned, has few knots, and the trees only take 5-7 years to reach a marketable size!

Cuttings can be taken from branches, suckers or roots, and if the roots around the parent tree are disturbed, or if the crown is coppiced, it will send up a multitude of suckers, which can (in season) be dug up and transplanted to make new trees.

And how much does a 7 year old Paulownia log sell for?

Oh, about $5000 AUD, or thereabouts…

And did I mention that they are an excellent bee fodder and a very pretty looking tree, as well?

Why everyone is not planting these trees, I don’t know!

Oh well, there we go!

(An avenue of Paulownia tomentosa trees in full bloom)

Corona Insanity…

The Lockdown Insanity is continuing apace here in Victoria.

What you’ve really got to understand is, THE LOCKDOWN IS


I’ve seen regular flu seasons that were worse, much worse, even since I moved here to Victoria. Did we lock down Society and Destroy our Economy back then? NO!

When there is a Genuine Pandemic you’ll know about it, you won’t need to watch the TV News to know about it. You’ll see the body carts in the streets, the overflowing morgues, you’ll know multiple people who were suddenly struck down dead by it.

None of this is happening here, because this is Just a Drill!

The disease is real enough, and it has some really nasty surprises. It was genetically engineered in an American BSL4 Laboratory, then it was sold to the Chinese during the Obama Presidency by the Clinton Crime Family.

The Chinese released it in late 2019, and in one month, 21 million cellphone accounts were deactivated through un-use. That means, in one month in China, earlier on this year, 21 million Chinese people disappeared! For weeks, Chinese furnaces were running flat out, burning the bodies of the Dead.

That was the origin of the Corona Panic.

However, what the Chinese didn’t realize, when they exported this disease to the West, was that when the Psychopath Mad Scientists in America first developed this disease, they developed it as a RACE SPECIFIC Bio-weapon! This means that it was always engineered to kill Asians, and to maybe give Westerners a Cold or Flu type illness.

You have to be really malnourished, or old, or unhealthy, for it to kill you if you are White, and then it might kill 2-3% of you.

Don’t blame me for that fact. I’m not the one who developed this Racist Pathogen that recently killed millions of Chinese people and basically leaves Healthy White Folks Alone!

As I have been saying in my broadcasts, the real dangers here are the Cascading Domino Effects, especially the Supply Chain Breakdown, the Rampant Paranoia, and the way that this whole thing is being used as an excuse for tyranny, round the World and especially here in Victoria.

There really is nothing you can do to stop this insanity, except to refuse to be involved in it, to look after You and Your’s and be ready for the day when Gangs of Unhinged, Unthinking Goons arrive at your gate.

I’m presently advising everyone I know to get out of the cities, and even out of the suburbs and small towns. You need to be on rural acreage at this point in time, and the further out of town, the better. When you are on your land, your priority needs to be growing vegetables and raising livestock, especially animals such as chickens and rabbits. If you’ve never done this before, now is the perfect time to learn!

You also need to establish a water supply and solar powered electricity generation.

If you have to live in a tent while you’re establishing all of this, then so be it!

You might wonder if all of this is worth the time and energy that it takes, and I can assure you that it is. The reason why I can afford to pay a dozer driver for the day to come out and dig a dam for me, and the reason why I can afford to buy 10 apple trees is because I live off grid. I haven’t had a mortgage since I was 32 years old and I’m now 45, and for most of my life, I have been living on a minimal income, either minimum wage employment or some type of Government Welfare. I had to do this, because I was a widow, raising my two sons on my own. I graduated from an Ivy League College and I could have pursued a well paid career, but my family would have suffered. I chose to be their mother instead, and because of that, my two baby boys grew up to be two fine young gentlemen.

Every one of us is where we are today because of the decisions we made in the past. If you are living in Locked Down Melbourne, you are there because you chose to be there. You bought or rented a house or apartment there, and until recently, were probably quite happy there. You may have seen the problems brewing beneath the surface, but chose to ignore them. Maybe you didn’t see them at all, but either way, you are where you are because you chose to go there in the past. When I planned to move back to Victoria, some years ago, at least three different people told me I would live in Melbourne, but I refused to go back there. My Gut told me there would be problems there, and so I refused to go. I bought my farm in Country Victoria instead. Because I listened to my Gut I’m here, and not there, and actually, life is pretty good! I could almost forget how many problems there are in the World, except of course, for the daily News Reports…

But I can turn them off.

If you choose to do so, you can extricate yourself from “Melbourne”. Doing so is probably going to mean living in a tent, at least for a while, or in your car, or a Campervan or RV. If you are lucky, you may be able to buy some land, and I would encourage you to do so, at least 20-40 acres, minimum. But even if you can’t, living off the grid in a tent or motor vehicle is going to be safer than living in a city, town or suburb, once no-knock raids and contact tracing become the Universal Norm. And In My Humble Opinion, we are almost at that point, right now!

God Bless You All,

I’ll speak with you soon…


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