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The Rebellious Pirate Farmer's Racountage

Hi everyone, once again, from the Glorious People's Republic of Victoria!

(I'm being sarcastic, in case you can't tell!)

I think I ought to write these posts more regularly, especially now that I'm no longer posting on Facebook. At this time, I still have a Facebook Page, but I no longer post on it, it has been archived and could be deleted by me at any time.

Apparently, things have been going crazy in Melbourne, with the Victoria Police going full Psychopath and Highwayman's Cartel, besieging truck stops with hundreds of men and issuing everyone thus corralled with infringement notices ("fines"). This is pure Highwayman Thuggery, and it is the type of Highwayman Thuggery that people used to be shot or hung for, back in the day.

God Bless You Avi Yemeni, you're a brave soul!

That fight that broke out, BTW, was basically the Cops deciding to randomly bash up an innocent bystander, and the innocent bystander deciding that he'd had enough.

Apparently, it took sixteen of them to subdue one of us, and as far as I can tell, that just shows how weak they really are!

How about a One on One contest Boyos, without the pepper spray, tazers, body armor, batons or other associated paraphinalea?

I think I know who'd win, and it wouldn't be them!


Avi was issued with a fine, but he's not paying it!

Good on you, Avi, I think that nobody should pay these damned fines.

For one thing, they are clearly nothing more than extortionate notices of demand, issued under colour of law and thus have no basis under British Common Law.


Their issuance is a criminal offence on a massive scale, because like it or not, Chief Commissioner Patton, British Common Law is STILL the Law of the Land, here in the Land of Oz, and British Common Law says that accosting people on their journey and threatening them with harm unless you hand over something of value is called Highway Robbery.

Back in the day, it was a hanging offence, these days, you'll just get 15 years of Time, as a Guest of Her Majesty.

Mind you, that's 15 years for EACH OFFENCE, and how many of these notices have you ordered your Underlings to issue, Mr Patton?


You may think yourself invulnerable, but your day will come, you can be sure of it!

You have turned your back on the Living God, and you have turned your back on the Victorian People, that means there are billions of Angels and Almighty God against you, and also approximately five million of us, and only about ten thousand of you...

I guess you didn't learn to count properly when you were in school, but History teaches us that when there are those sorts of odds stacked against someone in a war, they usually lose!

Especially when their kingpins are exposed as holidaying on Paedophile Islands, and like rats leaving a sinking ship, try to wriggle out of it...

You think Mr Rudd and Mr Andrews are not somehow linked?

Then Why has Dictator Dan been accused of stealing his Playbook? Huh?


This article is behind a paywall, but if you clear your cookies and your browser history, you'll probably be able to see it.

It basically says that Dictator Dan has borrowed "Honest Kev's" playbook, and we all remember what happened in 2008, (within 12 months of Kev being elected), don't we? Of course, the GFC wasn't his fault. Honest Kev just happened to be there. Of course he was the Fall Guy. He just happened to be there...

When the Country went down the Toilet...

And Honest Kev Just Happened to Be on the Paedophile Express As Well...


Nothing to see here, so just move right along...

The truth of the matter is, no one gets anywhere in this country, in Politics, unless they have Sold their Soul to Lucifer.

Perhaps your Local Member is okay. A few Politicians have not sold out, but they tend to hit a certain level and progress no further. A few excellent examples of this are Daniel Nalliah, Pauline Hanson, Teresa van Lieshout and Bob Katter. They stick their necks out and manage to not get (politically) beheaded, and because they have a moral compass which points true North, their constituents love them and they keep getting re-elected.

Good for them. I wish them All the Best.

But the ugly reality is, the Satanists who Think they Run the Show are so firmly entrenched, that it will take a Miracle of God to move them.

Will we get that Miracle? I believe that one day, we will, although at present, I can't see how that could be.

But I figure that God's in the Miracle Business, and that He is able to evict them and deal with them, when the time is ripe for them to fall.

Until then, it is up to all of us to Stay Strong, Stay True, and (as the saying goes) Keep our Cutlasses Sharp and our Powder Dry.

God Bless You All,

I'll speak with you soon...


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